Video: It's This That That It Is Prefer To Movie A Gender Picture

What should you do if you get caught with a George Foreman Grill down your pants? What about if kids are found in your creepy van? Or your husband disappears in the most convenient way? According to this new music video, there's only one option: call Saul Goodman ( Bob Odenkirk ).

Everyone knows that filming a sex scene for a movie isn't exactly hot, but thanks to this new behind-the-scenes clip from Stretch, we now know just how awkward it really is. In the clip,  Patrick Wilson  and  Brooklyn Decker  make small talk and readjust in between faking orgasms — all with the help of director  Joe Carnahan  and the poor person whose job is to apply fake sweat on Wilson's back. "Was that enough f---ing?" Wilson inquires. "Great f---ing!" Carnahan declares.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Are Expecting a Baby

Reboot fever continues.  David Lynch  and Showtime are reviving  Twin Peaks as a nine-episode limited series, Showtime announced Monday.

Game of Thrones Shells Out a Ton of Money to Film Lena Headey Nude Scene

Expect a whole lot of Preserve posts about artisanal baby food and reclaimed cribs out of old barn lumber because  Blake Lively  is pregnant.

Better Call Saul Music Video Reveals New Footage (And a Catchy Song)

A Lannister always pays their debts, but now it's the  Game of Thrones producers who are shelling out the big bucks. According to  TMZ , the HBO drama paid up to $50,000 per day to film a scene featuring  Lena Headey  (Cersei Lannister) walking from a church through town completely nude.