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The types of assets which are tradable as CFDs, will vary from broker to broker, but they commonly include stocks, index funds, Bitcoin,precious metals like gold, and commodities like natural gas orcrude oil. Recently, crude oil has been making headlines due to its HUGEdrop in price and supply manipulation by the Saudis. The price of oil per barrel has fallen 60% from previous highs! The extreme price movement of oil is a godsend to traders. Day-tradersONLY make profitswhen the price of an asset moves up or down significantly in value.If wecan predict these price gains or drops by using news or price chart analysis, wecan profit! The volume of crude oil trading is fairly high, so there is a large amount of liquidity in the oilmarket for day-trading. Day-traders canusefast, solid,news-feeds and indicators to determine the trendand price movement in the oil market.Beloware a few strategies http://www.livemint.com/Money/F9esTu1lmLr89uRj2Y7ESN/Indias-gold-smuggling-boom-fades-as-curbs-loosened.html you might look into to trade oil CFDs: Fundamental Strategies to Day Trade Oil CFDs One of the main strategies to trade oil CFDs,isto use aprice analysisbased on world, economic, or financial news. Price predictions based on this type of economic, company, or world news is called fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis of a asset relies on world oreconomic news factors instead of price chart analysis, to predict its movement in price(like it does with Technical Analysis or TA). CFD traders can use early, accurate news feeds, in order to beat the majority of traders to the punch. One type of news which heavily affects the oil price, comes from Saudi Arabia and OPEC.Recently, major oil producing countries likeSaudi Arabia have begun to exert their heavy influence on the oil price, by increasing its supply in order tolower the price of oil. http://cfdtradingreviews.com/strategies-to-trade-oil-cfds/

Strategies to Trade Oil CFDs | CFD Trading Reviews

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