Do Olivia Munn And Aaron Rodgers Have Sex On Recreation Morning?

Olivia Munn Dishes on Her Private Life With Aaron Rodgers Dec 12, 2014, 12:10 PM ET Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn at The Skylark, June 24, 2014, in New York.

Why Ashton Kutcher Compared His Daughter to a Cell Phone

I go to work everyday and come home and she's like perfect and everything went amazing." He added that Kunis, 31, never complains. As for raising the baby together without a nanny, Kutcher said, "We just want to know our kid.

Mark Wahlberg Wants to Push 'Religious Aspects' of Christmas

12, 2014. Lorenzo Bevilaqua/Disney-ABC Share Not for Mark Wahlberg . "I've been trying to push the religious aspect of Christmas a little more," he said during an appearance on "Live with Kelly and Michael." "No gifts and go to church." However, he laughed that his wife, Rhea Durham, who "loves, loves the holidays," has nixed that idea. Instead, the Wahlbergs, who attend church regularly, will be celebrating at home, before taking a trip to Barbados . Mark Wahlberg Seeks Pardon for Past Crimes "I was thinking of going somewhere cold, [with] the snow, and let the kids sled and snowboard," he said.

How Teresa Giudice Is Bonding With Her Daughters Before Prison

And the actor's widow, Susan Schneider, was on hand for the event. People magazine reported that she attended the premiere looking "composed" and "at ease," and chatted with filmmakers and Williams' co-stars at the after party. Zelda Williams Gets a Tattoo to Honor Her Father Robin Williams "It's very, very sad," co-star Ricky Gervais told the magazine of Williams' shocking death. "He was amazing performer – an icon before I met him, then a friend." Williams was 63 when he died this past August of an apparent suicide, leaving behind his wife and three children from previous marriages.

Robin Williams' Widow Attends His Movie Premiere

just after the new year, where she will spend 15 months for committing tax fraud. Upon hearing her sentence, the " Real Housewives of New Jersey " star, whose husband, Joe, will begin his 3.5 year sentence once she is released, said that her thoughts immediately turned to her girls. "I'm the one who's hands on," she told Bravo's Andy Cohen this past October. "So, all I said to my husband was, 'Please take care of our daughters.