And The Oscar Goes To….

I must concede, I didn’t view a solitary one of these movies so I can’t state how shut their portrayals are. But these Pugsters are awful cute so we’re gonna go together with it. Plus, we get a lot of Baroos in below, also.

Oscar The Puppeh

ofcourse, we’ve got the large prizes ceremony today in Hollywood. Oscar The Puppeh had his OWN major minute though–going on his first-previously walk!

Anniversary Buns!

Hope you also assume these lionheads are pretty! The one that is remaining is right and Frozzie one is known as Smokie.

Why Doncha’ Show Up and Find Out Me Sometime

For this Bunday you obtain Two-Two-Two Buns In A Single (Post)! “These are two lovely bunnies I followed from Bandaids for Bunnies, an excellent nearby party (Richmond, B.C.) that assists forgotten and wounded rabbits. The one that is brown is Lexi, who is the boss of her buddy Pookie.” - M.

Thing Two Is NOT A Snow Fan

[I’ll be right here. To the barrel. Having a thermos of martini’s. Shaken, not stirred.] (Distractify .)

Double Your Bunday Enjoyment

[WHAT? MORE Ideal? This really is excessive!] Point One, meanwhile, is really a little more cool concerning the entire point.